Luke Carter

A simple rental inquiry to Harcourts Caloundra becomes a tale of woe....
How Harcourts Caloundra handles a complaint.... by insulting and intimidating the complainant
and ignoring the Harcourts so called Values and Philosophy.
+ INVESTIGATION into Harcourts Caloundra's claim to be Caloundra's most awarded real estate agency.

As adopted from Harcourts Australia:

"It takes courage to always do the right thing, to always tell the truth and simply be the best at what we do"....

"Our values are entrenched in how Harcourts operates - in the decisions we make and the actions we take"....

"Our values provide the foundation for our success"....

"Trust, honesty and integrity remain the company's personal hallmarks"....

"We don't just pay lip service to our internal mission statement".... (from the Harcourts International site)

"A solid work ethic plus well-developed negotiation skills and you have the perfect recipe for success"....

While supposedly embracing these values, in truth Carter has demonstrated his true colours by acting as further detailed.....

A complaint resulted from the abysmal service received when a rental inquiry was made. Luke Carter the Principal and Owner of Harcourts Caloundra and Coast Property Caloundra choose to not address the complaint, but instead attack the credibility of the complainant. Carter jettisoned the so called Values, and exhibited negotiation skills as per below.

Because the complainant published a negative Review on Google and Harcourts' Caloundra Facebook page about the abysmal service, Carter at 8.13pm on 26 September 2019 emailed the following MALICIOUS INSULTS to accompany insults he had previously delivered to the complainant.

"You are a pathetic individual and a bankrupt fool. You have nothing to offer the world other than your aggression and irrational argument you will die a lonely man. That itself is incredible satisfaction"

There was no basis for such outrageous conduct. Rather than addressing the abysmal service, Carter avoids and twists the true facts so as to enable wrongful INSULTS and INTIMIDATION of the complainant.

Despite an ACCC advisory, Carter seems expert at removing reviews that he does't like on Google Review and his Harcourts Caloundra Facebook page. Maybe he does a lot of that, however he was not able to remove this one:
Beware of Renting from Harcourts Caloundra

In twisting the true facts so as to be within his agenda of insult and intimidation, Carter reaches incorrect conclusions devoid of any factual basis.

Carter represented himself to be "extremely familiar with defamation law". However in breach of that law Carter published falsities include the complainant was being sued for defamation, potentially bankrupt and a FRAUD all of which is untrue. Consequently a CEASE & DESIST letter had to be sent to his lawyer.

The hypocrisy of Carter is simply astounding, and his behaviour does not belong to any person that claims to be a professional (per REIQ), as he does.

Neither Luke Carter or Marcus Williams CEO at Harcourts Australia Head Office, see fit to offer an apology and they treat the complainant with contempt and disregard equivalent to the finger The Finger

The behaviour of Carter & Williams in this matter, is in line with many consumer sentiments about service at Harcourts Real Estate, especially regarding their Property Management and Rental talents. This behaviour reveals their so called Values in many instances (in particular the one herein) to be a SHAM, and arguably in contravention of the ACL.
SEE: ACCC $18 million penalty - "We Buy Houses P/L" for contravening the ACL.

Some 210 bad bad reviews about Harcourts have been compiled on the:

Luke Carter


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